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About (EyeBuyDirect):

Eyes are a great blessing while living in this world and people deprived of it are like a living corpse in this world. Eyeglasses are used for both reasons of compulsion and beauty, i.e. people who are worried about their weak eyesight and are not getting well with medicines, then Eyeglasses are recommended to such people. And if someone wants to protect himself from the sun while travelling in the sun, then he is also recommended a special type of glasses and some people use artificial glasses to go to events. EyeBuyDirect is a brand that sells various Eyeglasses for different uses to people.

If you are concerned about your vision, from the sun while playing, from the dangerous rays of the sun while travelling or from the waves while using the computer, you should share your concern with Eyebuydirect, Inc. Eyebuydirect is a reputable company established in 2005 by EssilorLuxottica with showrooms based in Austin, Texas and serving people at various times.


  1. Lenses
  2. Eyeglasses
  3. Special Mirror
  4. etc...

How To Get Discount:

  1. The first condition to save money is to find out if you qualify for the discount offer.
  2. After qualifying, find a code that withdraws less money from your bank.
  3. You should start shopping now.
  4. After following one policy follow next and get a discount.
  5. After purchase, apply the discount code before proceeding to checkout.
  6. After the code is applied, the total payment budget will suddenly decrease.
  7. The intended person is advised to contact the brand online in case of any difficulty.

Return Policy?

We receive your product within 4 to 6 business days and we can only return your Eyeglasses for a valid reason up to 14 days after receiving the product. It may seem like a few days but it is part of the brand's policies and we have to follow it strictly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does EyeBuyDirect provide any cashback offers?

Now you won't be able to get this facility but maybe there will be a cashback facility with the discount office starting sometime later.

How fast can I get glasses from EyeBuyDirect?

It depends on the delivery companies whether you get your shipping from EyeBuyDirect or select a third-party option. You only have to wait 2 days when using EyeBuyDirect's shipping, otherwise third party takes more than 6 days.

Can I Order Glasses Without a Prescription?

It is better to buy prescription lenses so that there is no problem after buying this sensitive product. Many people buy in haste without a prescription and only inspect the product for 14 days and end up unable to get the correct product and return it.

Can Get a Black Friday Discount?

The best discounts of the year happen only on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now all EyeBuyDirect customers will be able to avail of special Black Friday discounts which will be valid for a limited time.



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