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About Naadam

Naadam is a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in cashmere clothing and accessories. The vibrant colours of traditional costumes and the rich cultural heritage of a nomadic people. It ethically sources its cashmere directly from herders in Mongolia. From archery and horse racing to traditional wrestling, Naadam showcases the remarkable athleticism and skill of Mongolian competitors while also serving as a testament to their enduring traditions.

Product Range    

Naadam's product range is sustainable cashmere garments. From these soft sweaters to graceful shawls and warm accessories, Naadam offers a wide selection of timeless pieces that are both fashionably smart and ethically produced. Naadam confirm quality by using only the finest, longest fibres of cashmere and attaches strict production standards. 

Customer Service     

Naadam, customer service is not just a department and it's a commitment to excellence. The team at Naadam takes pride in going above and beyond to ensure that each customer's experience is exceptional. Whether assisting with product inquiries, resolving issues, providing personalized recommendations, the dedicated staff at Naadam are always ready to lend a helping hand.  

Return Policy

Naadam,  you will recognize that, at times, the products you purchase may not meet your expectations. We have a simple returns policy to guarantee your satisfaction on every purchase. You can return or exchange your purchase within 30 days of receiving it, as long as it's unworn and in its original condition if you feel satisfied with your purchase.   


Can I use Naadam coupons on Black Friday?

On Black Friday, you can use discounts at Naadam. Naadam, like many other businesses, provides special Black Friday coupons that can bring further reductions on top of already discounted rates.

Are there any care instructions for maintaining my cashmere products?

We recommend dry cleaning or hand washing your cashmere items with a gentle detergent and laying them flat to dry.

Can I combine Naadam coupons with Cyber Monday discounts?

Yes, you may use a Naadam coupon on sale items during Cyber Monday to save even more money.



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