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About N2WS

With the increasing reliance on cloud storage and virtualized environments, the risk of data loss is higher than ever. That's where N2WS comes in. This innovative software solution offers comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities specifically designed for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now, We'll explore how N2WS can help protect your valuable data and ensure business continuity in the face of any disaster.

Product Range

The N2WS range of products is an innovative solution in the field of cloud computing and data security. N2WS is leading the method in providing secure backup, recovery and resilience to disasters for enterprises regardless of size. It products are characterized by their effortless integration into Amazon Web Services, allowing customers to control their backups and restore their operations via their AWS console. The integration removes the requirement for additional infrastructure, or difficult configurations, which makes it an economical solution for those looking for a reliable data security. 

Customer Service

With a focus on client satisfaction, N2WS goes above and beyond to ensure that customers receive the support they need every step of the way. It's troubleshooting an issue, the N2WS customer service team is always ready to assist. They understand the urgency of data backup and recovery issues and work tirelessly to deliver timely resolutions. 

Return Policy 

N2WS is a leading provider of enterprise backup and disaster recovery solutions, offering comprehensive cloud-native data protection for businesses. N2WS is also a company with a customer-focused return policy that stands ahead of their rivals. Being aware of the satisfaction of their customers, N2WS offers a hassle-free returning process for items or services that do not fulfill the requirements of their clients. 


What types of data can be backed up with N2WS?

N2WS permits backups of different types of data that are stored within your AWS environment. This includes instances of EC2, EBS volumes, RDS databases, DynamoDB tables, Redshift clusters, and much more. 

Can N2WS help with disaster recovery?

Yes! N2WS provides strong disaster recovery capabilities that let you quickly recover critical infrastructure and applications in the event of a sudden incident or interruption to your AWS infrastructure. 

Is it easy to manage backups with N2WS?

Yes, managing backups with N2WS is incredibly straightforward. The user-friendly interface allows you to schedule automated backups, monitor their progress, and easily restore data whenever needed.

Does N2WS support cross-region and cross-account backups?

Yes, N2WS supports cross-region and cross-account backups within the AWS ecosystem. Its flexibility guarantees your data is protected when you are in multi-account or complex multi-region settings.



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