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About P+S Technik

P+S Technik, founded in 1990, is a leading German film equipment manufacturer. In filmmaking, P+S Technik is known for its high-quality and unique optics, lens rehousing, and camera accessories. The organization is known for giving filmmakers cutting-edge tools to improve visual storytelling. P+S Technik remains a leading film technology company by empowering filmmakers globally with a commitment to quality.

Product Range

P+S Technik offers a wide range of innovative film industry products. The optically skilled organization sells high-quality rehoused vintage optics, anamorphic lenses, and novel lens solutions. P+S Technik also offers innovative camera accessories to help creative dreams come to life. P+S Technik's professional products, including precision optics and cutting-edge accessories, enhance filmmaking with quality and creativity.

Customer Service

P+S Technik prides itself on providing excellent customer service to film professionals. The company's customer care team is responsive and knowledgeable, helping clients throughout their filmmaking experience. From pre-purchase inquiry to post-sales service, P+S Technik provides professional and prompt assistance. This dedication to client service creates a pleasant and collaborative connection, bolstering P+S Technik's image as a trustworthy and customer-focused partner in film production.

Return Policy

P+S Technik's return policy prioritizes customer pleasure and simplicity. Easy returns within a certain deadline give customers a safety net if they need to reconsider their purchase. As part of their dedication to client satisfaction, the organization strives to streamline the return process. P+S Technik stands by the quality and performance of their goods and offers consumers piece of mind with a simple and fair return procedure.


Are online coupons accepted in-store?

Most web stores and service providers, like P+S Technik, don't let you use online coupons in real stores.

What is the significance of anamorphic lenses?

Anamorphic lenses compress images horizontally during capture to create a widescreen cinematic effect. P+S Technik's anamorphic lens solutions provide bokeh and horizontal lens flares to cinematic narrative.

Are P+S Technik products compatible with all camera systems?

P+S Technik makes products for many professional camera systems. Always check camera model compatibility to guarantee easy integration and best performance.

How can I purchase P+S Technik products?

Authorized dealers and distributors worldwide sell P+S Technik goods. The P+S Technik website lists authorized partners, or you can contact their sales staff.

Does P+S Technik provide customer support?

Indeed, P+S Technik prioritizes customer service. Customers can contact P+S Technik support via their website for technical help, product questions, and concerns.


P+S Technik

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