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About O F Installations

In the world of modern art, installations have emerged as a captivating and immersive medium that challenges traditional notions of creativity and expression. O F Installations provide professional installation services for a variety of products including appliances, fixtures, and equipment. It offers a great exploration into the dynamic realm of contemporary artistic installations. 

Product Range

At O F Installations, we take pride in our diverse range of products designed to meet the needs of our customers. From high-quality kitchen fittings to innovative bathroom fixtures including office furniture, we offer a comprehensive selection that combines functionality with style. Our products are carefully crafted with attention to detail and durability, ensuring that they not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space but also deliver long-lasting performance.

Customer Service

O F Installations, customer service is not just a department, it's a philosophy that permeates every aspect of the company. From the moment you make an inquiry to the post-installation support, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service. We understand that every customer has unique needs and preferences, so we prioritize personalized attention and effective communication throughout the entire process.

Return Policy   

O F Installations, Prioritizing customer confidence, The System boasts a transparent and customer-friendly return policy. This policy ensures that customers can shop with peace of mind, allowing for returns or exchanges if the products do not meet their curl care expectations.


Can I use online coupons in-stores?

Most online stores and service providers like O F Installations do not allow the use of online coupons in brick and mortar stores. 

Can I stack multiple coupons at O F Installations for extra savings on Thanksgiving purchases?

O F Installations coupon policy allows the stacking of multiple coupons for a single item on Thanksgiving, as long as each coupon meets its specific terms and conditions.

Are your installers certified and experienced?

Yes, our installers are highly skilled, certified, and have extensive experience in the industry.

Can I combine O F Installations coupons with Cyber Monday discounts?

Yes, you can combine an O F Installations coupon on sale items during Cyber Monday to get bigger savings. This means you can apply more discounts to the already reduced prices offered by O F Installations on Cyber Monday.


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