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About P. Allen Smith:

P. Allen Smith is a lifestyle brand curated by the renowned garden and design expert. Embracing the art of living well, our brand embodies a passion for beautiful gardens, timeless design, and sustainable living. P. Allen Smith strives to inspire individuals to create their own sanctuary, connecting with nature and finding joy in every aspect of life.

Product Range:

Discover the P. Allen Smith collection, which includes high-end gardening tools, literature, home décor and unique things that are in line with the brand's values of excellence, elegance and usefulness.

Customer Service:

P. Allen Smith's customer care team is committed to providing outstanding customer service and is available to help with product questions, gardening tips, and assistance. Our goal is to make your conversation with P. Allen Smith as educational and pleasurable as we can.


How can I contact P. Allen Smith for gardening advice?

Connect with our gardening experts by visiting our website and submitting your inquiries through the designated contact form.

What types of products are available in the P. Allen Smith collection?

Explore premium garden tools, home decor, books, and exclusive items designed to enhance your garden and lifestyle. Our collection reflects a commitment to quality and timeless design.

How do I care for P. Allen Smith garden tools and accessories?

Refer to the product specifications on our website for specific care recommendations. Our gardening resources section contains general upkeep tips for garden tools.


P. Allen Smith

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