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About P-6 Farms:

P-6 Farms is your destination for family-friendly agritourism adventures. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, we offer a memorable experience where visitors can engage with farm life, enjoy seasonal activities, and create lasting memories. From pumpkin patches to corn mazes, P-6 Farms is your go-to spot for wholesome, outdoor fun.

Product Range:

Explore our diverse product range at P-6 Farms, featuring farm-fresh produce, seasonal delights, and handmade goods. From pumpkins and fruits to artisanal crafts, our offerings reflect the charm of rural life.

Customer Service:

P-6 Farms prioritizes and delivers outstanding customer service. Our amiable personnel is readily available to provide support in organizing events that guests enjoy their time at the farm. Our aim is to establish a hospitable ambiance that accommodates families of every age group.

Return Policy:

At P-6 Farms, If you encounter any issues with your purchase, our flexible return policy allows for returns within a specified period. Please refer to our official return policy guidelines for detailed ensuring a hassle-free process. Your satisfaction with P-6 Farms products and experiences is our top priority.


Are online coupons accepted in-store?

The majority of internet retailers and service providers, such as P-6 Farms, prohibit the use of online coupons in physical retail locations.

Is it possible to use P-6 Farms on Black Friday? 

Yes, P-6 Farms accepts coupons on Black Friday. Like many other companies, P-6 Farms offers exclusive Black Friday coupons that can be used to further reduce already low pricing.

Can children take P supplements?

To guarantee enough dosage and safety, children should only take P supplements under the supervision of a healthcare professional.


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